Salisbury Cathedral


Salisbury Photography and Makeup – a bit long title for website, isn’t it? But on the other hand, name has it all!
This website is a product of brainstorming between Salisbury based visual artists – photographer Alexander Soloviev from SASNN-Photo and Makeup Artist Angelika Samocka. We are aiming to become familiar business for local community and surrounding counties. We will provide top quality service at very affordable prices in both photography and makeup. We can work separately depending on assignment but prefer to collaborate on joint projects. So if you need a photographer please consider hiring MUA at the same time and visa versa. Please feel free to scroll through our portfolio and blog so you can find something interesting and suitable for your photography and makeup needs.
We would be happy to assist!

You can check extended photography portfolio and more of description at SASNN-Photo and Ayka Make Up Studio