Bubbles against the winter – Children Photography in Salisbury

Children Photography in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Bubbles against the winter N1

We all (or nearly all) don’t like a local winter-ish weather with its rain, mud, and grey skies. When it’s raining, the only abundant type of people in the parks is dog owners and parents, trying to get some fresh air for their little ones… And these little ones are not particularly keen about walking around wet slides and swings at the playground. So we have “invented” a new offer for those brave souls who either are going outdoors for a walk regularly, or at least regularly tempted.

There are nothing new in our invention, to be honest. We are just making fun of weather and ourselves, combining children photography (photowalk) and playful mood of bubbles blowing! The photowalk pictured below has taken place on outskirts of Salisbury and besides pictures on their own brought a lot of positive emotions and bits of healthy lifestyle.

We are inviting anyone interested in pictures of childish happiness to play with us!

1 hour session with SASNN-Photo would cost you just £100 (or 2 hours for £170) with over 20 edited pictures on CD and possibility to order albums, canvases, framed prints etc. Place-wise it may be anything – outdoors preferably. Let us know if you are that brave person! 🙂













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