In the spring 2014 family of Alexander Soloviev from SASNN-Photo moved to Salisbury, Wiltshire and while establishing network of local contacts he found local makeup artist Angelika Samocka from Ayka Makeup Studio. After a few discussions related to photographic business they found that idea of joining efforts to promote both businesses can be much more beneficial than individual. So they decided to organize joint venture and move ahead full strength.

Despite substantial competition in both direction from already existing photographic and makeup businesses in Salisbury and surrounding areas, they considered that there are enough opportunities for development of something new.


Alexander Soloviev is a professional photographer from Salisbury, creator and owner of SASNN-Photo. As a former scientist he is trying to apply methodical but artistic approach to photography with great attention to detail and emotional side of human nature.
For more information about Alexander and his portfolio please follow the link: Wedding Photographers in Wiltshire


Angelica Samocka is a professional makeup artist from Salisbury, trained at College in Theatrical and Media Make-up in Poland.
Angelica’s website is under re-construction at the moment but feel free to visit her Facebook page Ayka Make Up Studio